Social Media

It’s a common misconception that a social media strategy merely involves posting product announcements on Facebook and Twitter. A robust social media strategy ties into your overall business plan and gives your brand a face within reach. By integrating social media into your marketing mix, you’re not only providing a solid point of contact for your customers, but you’re also giving them a memorable experience in the form of content and interactions. This places you ahead of companies that aren’t monitoring conversations that are taking place online about their brand.

That being said, every business is unique and it’s important to find your place in the digital world without spreading yourself thin. I can help you determine which social platforms makes sense for your business based on your overall goals, brand story, niche, demographic, and whether your company is primarily Business-to-Consumer or B2B.

Training / Consulting 

I can conduct training with you and/or your team to upskill, troubleshoot, or get your company set up and running on social media. Social Media “audits” can also be run for current performance evaluation and to help you find the metrics that matter most for your brand’s goals.

Community Management

Managing an online community is a two way conversation that’s always on. For this reason, it’s important to actively listen to your audience and provide exceptional customer service with prompt responses. By providing direct communication and relevant content for your consumers, your web presence becomes a trusted entity instead of just a digital billboard.


A good digital strategy should fit into your overall business goals while adding value to your online communities. This can be achieved through carefully assessing which topics your company can effectively contribute to. All recommendations would be mapped out into a step-by-step blueprint to bring it all to life.

Paid Advertising

In the interest of better user experience, social networks, like Facebook, are gravitating towards a more paid environment for brands. This is why it makes sense to allocate a budget for content and channel promotion. I create targeted, native advertising with the best possible cost per conversion.


So you’re up and running. You have your website. You have killer ideas for shareable content. Now you have to make sure all this gets seen! While search engines have become increasingly sophisticated at reading content over the years, there is still a lot that needs to be optimized for maximum visibility.

Ensuring that you have the right keywords, contextual content, and the right link structure is only part of what goes into climbing up the ranks in search. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and it’s important to make sure your site is always up to speed and following the rules. Penalties can knock your site down the SERPs, making it harder for your customers to find you.

Content Optimization 

Great content not only engages your readers, it also answers search queries because it’s relevant and easy for search engines to read. This gets you higher rankings and more traffic. Utilizing relevant keywords will also get you more quality leads.

Technical Optimization

Besides the observable optimizations in your content, a lot of technical tweaks can be done on the server side for better rankings. URI issues, Meta Description issues, blocked URLs, and more can hinder your site’s best performance. I use tools to crawl, analyze, and audit sites for the best backend recommendations.

Social Authority

Search engines constantly change SEO strategy, but one relatively new source of large traffic is social media. With automatic social media syndication, you not only show up within social searches, your authorized channels and posts also rank higher in major search engines.


In addition to organic SEO, I leverage industry best practices and some of the best paid search campaign technology to develop integrated PPC campaigns. Paid search campaigns allow you to target your audience and bring the right kind of traffic that leads to conversions. All search engine marketing (SEM) is completely transparent and results oriented.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach (or influencer marketing) is the process of contacting bloggers and influencers in your target market who have a large established following. Their readers and/or social media followers already trust their opinion and you can leverage this by asking them to post on your behalf in exchange for small goods or services.

This is the essence of contemporary online PR. Word of mouth has always run supreme in marketing, and reading or viewing a review from a trusted source online is modern day word of mouth. By using my existing relationship with a number of influential bloggers in various fields, I can help match you with influencers that are relevant to your brand, thus increasing sales and SEO.

List Building

While I have an existing lists of influencers who are open to advertising opportunities, if you wish for more or find yourself needing a list in a niche I haven’t covered, I will build you a list that meets your needs.

Draft Posts

I provide influencers with draft social media and blog posts that they can use when mentioning your brand on their channels. This helps make things easier for them as they don’t have to spend time thinking of what to write. It also helps your brand as key points are covered and brand messaging is voiced.


While I do write up a blueprint draft for campaigns, I don’t mass-send scripts. I write specially tailored pitches for each individual influencer/blogger, taking the time to read and get familiar with their material before pitching. No one likes to feel like a number. Pitches are also written in native tongue should they be Spanish or French.

Paid Reviews

Many bloggers have spent a good amount of time building their following and place a high value on their time and reach. I can set up a reasonable review request with YouTubers and bloggers in your sector.

Web Design

Your brand’s digital presence should be consistent in not only visuals, but also experience. By working together we can come up with a congruent style guide that meets your design expectations and stays congruent with your overall brand messaging.

Whether you’re just getting online or are looking to revamp your website, I can build you a smart and simple digital home for your business.


I work with you to create beautiful layouts and assets that stay true to your brand and convey the message you want to get across.


Whether your business has changed, your former webmaster has retired, or you’re simply looking for a fresh look, I can redesign your site to fit your current goals.


Mobile might be your customer’s first point of contact with your brand. I make sure your site is visually pleasing no matter the size of the screen your audience is viewing your content on.


If you don’t already have a web hosting service, I can guide you to a few reliable services that suit your website so you can choose a package that makes most sense to you.