Building an Adaptable Routine

I’ve found that the two best things you can do for yourself besides setting goals, is creating a routine and building resilience. You’ll often hear about health and fitness being more of a lifestyle than an end goal. The same goes for your business. Here’s the why and how:


Routines allow you to complete daily tasks with the most efficacy. Creating a basic schedule of timed tasks in the morning allows you to start your day with a sense of triumph and peace of mind. Routines build habits and habits build a lifestyle for your business. Focus on your larger end goal when creating your schedule of daily tasks but keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed by entering a flow state.

Some people are afraid of the word “routine” because it paints images of boredom and stagnancy. This isn’t at all how you should look at it. A good routine is regular and reliable enough to provide trust in yourself and peace of mind, but is still refreshed often enough to be adaptable and promote healthy growth.


An adaptable routine builds resilience. There are many external factors that are simply outside of your control. Market shifts, new technologies, or sudden breakthroughs in the way things are done, are all reasons you can’t assume you won’t need drastic change. Always think ahead and come up with new ways to approach your existing business model. How could your business work in a zombie apocalypse? Sounds silly, but coming up with creative and imaginative solutions keeps your business resilient and adaptable to changes.

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