Brand Resolutions for 2017

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As you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and reading everyone’s “New Year; New Me” resolutions come January, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed about making a separate list for your business. Here are five popular resolutions a lot of us make for ourselves that can be spun for a business:

Resolution #1

Be more active.

By now, you probably don’t need to be told about the benefits of being on Social Media. You’ve probably already set up a few accounts and have begun posting about your brand. But how active is your business online as a whole? Setting up a posting schedule and calendar filled with interesting topics is a great first step, but make sure you’re also interacting with your community. Community Management takes more than just answering product questions. Engaging with your audience and building connections not just with your brand, but also with other fans is crucial to building a solid online community that cares about your brand.

Resolution #2

Show others how much you care.

Having a regular posting schedule builds reliability and trust, as does being prompt about answering inquiries on your social channels. At the end of the day, we’re all human, and we all want to feel loved. Part of letting your customers know you care is in the experience you provide them. Creating a seamless experience with no obstacles between the consumer and purchased product or service means you value your customer’s time. This involves paying attention to their needs as well as thinking in their shoes.

Customer experience was among the top trends that stood out in 2015 and still topped through 2016. By leveraging new technologies and analytics, you can learn a lot about how your customers interact with your site. You can also get a good sense about how your customers feel about your brand as a whole if you just listen.

Resolution #3


This could apply to anything really; your home, your car, your website, your graphics, your data… Clean and organized should be the standard. Going back to resolution #1, a carefully organized website lets your visitors easily find what they’re looking for and creates a good, memorable experience. Simple, clutter-free graphics create a sense of calm. The same can go for your data. This year companies generated more data than they knew what to do with. Large data is expected to grow by a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23% annually through 2017, all the way through 2019. Invest in a professional who can help you cut through the noise and make sense of it all.

Resolution #4

Get a Makeover.

A brand is much more than a logo and a tagline. However, how long has it been since you changed your brand’s image? Have a few people told you it seems a little outdated? Make sure the look and feel of your brand are keeping up with the times while staying true to what it stands for!

Resolution #5

Learn a new language.

Is your brand making sense to your target market? If not, it might be time to change up your brand’s language. You probably already know the importance of creating a consistent brand voice, but are you using the right mediums? Your brand’s voice isn’t solely in the vocabulary you use in your marketing materials, but also in the channels you use to get the message across. If your target market’s age range is 13-19, it may be beneficial to learn to speak Snapchat. Of course, I’m not suggesting you jump on every new platform to arise, but I am suggesting to learn how your market communicates.

Lastly, if one of your resolutions not mentioned here is to be less stressed, then consider getting someone to help you with your web efforts so you can relax and concentrate on your product or service.

Have a successful 2017!

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